About Conrad Langaard

Conrad Langaard was established as a family company in 1854 and ran as such until 1986, when Olav Thon Gruppen (www.olavthon.no) purchased 100% ownership of the company.

Gammelt bilde av Tobakksfabrikken til Conrad Langaard.

Our history has been characterized by production and distribution of tobacco products and we are proud of our long tradition to supply the Norwegian consumers with quality products.

Our business today consists of import, distribution, and instore activities through our sales team.

Within the tobacco segment we distribute and sell roll your own tobacco, pipe tobacco, cigarillos, lighters, and tobacco accessories.

As a distributor to the Norwegian market, we also provide other products, like Lip balm from Beauty Made Easy, the sustainable plastic free alternative. You will also find Icelandic quality confectionary from Sanbó, along with lollipops and chewing gum in our assortment.

Our office is located in Oslo, with sales representatives covering the Norwegian market.

Gammelt bilde av Conrad Langaards sitt dampskip.

Conrad Langaard AS
P.O. Box 173 Alnabru
0614 Oslo

Furulunds vei 4
0668 Oslo